About Us

Fluietöt [Fluid-Tote

Noun. 1. A word to describe a tote bag that freely flows like fluid 2. Bags that can be used for multiple occasions without looking out of place 

The Fluietöt is a free-forming fluid tote that has no fixed shape and can take any form that the moment requires. Carry it from a quick morning coffee run to a weekend getaway; keep it relaxed or pack it full; no matter how oddly shaped the item is, or where life takes you, le etöt’s signature Fluietöt can handle it all. 

Our design philosophy is to take a modern minimalist approach that evokes a sense of timelessness. We want bags that will firmly stand the test of time, in both quality and design. When we were designing the bags, we placed our core belief of bags must be practical in the forefront. We wanted to create bags that not only look stylish, but are also reliable and easy to carry in your daily life.

Fluietöt is the result of long time research and development efforts. Multiple stages of prototypes were personally tested by industry professionals. Each comment helped us to further develop le etöt until we believed we created the flawless version. Every aspect of le etöt is designed with the user’s comfort and our vision of a “perfect everyday bag” in mind. 

All of our bags are scratch and stain resistant for easy maintenance. 



All le etöt bags are fully crafted in Italy, using only the highest quality of Italian leather. While durable and strong, le etöt bags flaunt delicate and soft leather exterior. le etöt’s signature smooth leather records your journey in life by naturally draping to showcase beautiful slouch silhouettes. You will find that the longer you use the bags, the more character they will hold.

Clean lines, modern color block, and soft Italian leather are identities of le etöt.

Illustrated below are the comparisons of the brand new and beloved le etöt bags. The featured beloved bag is an actual bag that has been accompanying le etöt’s creative member in her daily life for over a year during our development phase. 


“I’ve been carrying the Luna for over a year. Among the many bags that I own, I found myself reaching for le etöt the most. It is comfortable, fits practically everything, and is very sturdy. When I’m traveling, I make sure to bring le etöt with me because I know it will go along with everything even with limited outfit choices. We strive to create bags that we, ourselves, will use and love.”
- Lauren, Creative Director, le etöt

We recommend bringing le etöt with you not only on your daily journeys, but also any other adventures that require storage and reliability. We guarantee that le etöt will become your perfect travel companion.

Check out Behind-The-Scenes

The Team behind the Shoot 
Model: Noah Steenbruggen
Photographer: Nicole Laxton
Wardrobe Stylist: Samantha Myer
Makeup/Hair: Martin Plascencia
Creative/Art Direction: Lauren Doedahm